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Here we have a collection of 6 plates, based on the very popular fairytales, created by Kaiser of West Germany.

Each plate is numbered, in it's original box, with it's certificate, and in mint condition, and measures 7 5/8" in diameter.

The colors on each plate are very brilliant, and stand out quite well, to catch ones eye.

These plates would be an amazing addition to any kind of plate collection.

The plate measures 10 7/8" in diameter and is in mint condition with no wear, cracks, or chips on it at all.

This plate would be a very nice addition to any plate collection.

One of their most popular patterns of this time was Evesham Gold, first produced in 1961 and depicting autumnal fruits with gold banding. All In Albany Worcester Fine Quality Miniature Hand Painted Porcelain Beaver Figure - Seated on Bronze Branches. 5 Inches High, Royal Worcester Blush Ivory Twin Handle Vase, Decorated with Painted Images of Spring Flowers, Gold Gilt Handles and Borders.

It became known thereafter as the Royal Porcelain Works. Both Decorated with Painted Images of Spring Flowers ( Wild ) Gold Gilt Borders. Saucer - 5.25 Inches Diameter & Cup - 2.5 Inches High. Royal warrants were also issued to Royal Worcester in 1907 by the Prince of Wales and 1808 by the Princess of Wales...Read more Established circa 1750, Royal Worcester is believed to be either the oldest or second-oldest English porcelain maker still producing today.All plates are in excellent condition, except for the Thanksgiving plate, which has a small chip and a crack on the top. This is an excellent set of plates to add to any collection.This is a German plate, which is marked by the letters RZB, and the name K&M Mostny, which I assume to be the company that made it.

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For this reason, Royal Worcester china is considered classically English and is revered for its history and provenance. John Wall, a physician, and William Davis, an apothecary, developed a unique process for creating porcelain.

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