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For years now, The Doctor has been tormented by his decision to ‘save the universe’ from being conquered by ‘billions of daleks’ by destroying the planet of Gallifrey, the setting for The Last Great Time War between the daleks and the Time Lords, wiping out his own people in the process.

His actions (featured in the 2007 series finale and portrayed in the two-part special The End Of Time in 2009) have been the only thing in all his lives/travels to haunt him; condemning him to an eternal life of solitude, remorse and the search for penance.'He was there - me, the one that I don't talk about,' Matt Smith's Doctor said of all the incarnations he has been through, looking at a mysterious 3D oil painting of Gallifrey in flames.

Since his departure, Tennant’s accent had become decidedly more Cockney – such an alarming mix of Arthur Daley, Michael Moon and Ray Winstone that Smith’s Doctor sarcastically called him ‘Dick Van Dyke.’Luckily Hurt was there to lend it all some gravitas and carry the show, acting both Tennant and Smith off the screen and imbuing The Doctor with the one quality that, as a Time Lord, he needs most - one that David Tennant and Matt Smith have always been sorely missing: wisdom.

As for Clara Oswald, the Doctor's current companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman doesn't look strong either - not after Karen Gillan and Billie Piper. The tension over whether Hurt's Doctor would reverse his decision was gone the moment the War Doctor was asked if he had ever counted how many children had been on Gallifrey when he had destroyed it, and we saw them playing - just in case Moffat thought we might not care about them otherwise.'You know the sound the TARDIS makes ? That brings hope wherever it goes' was another sentiment low blow and a rather optimistic interpretation.

Without The Doctor's angst over his destroying Gallifrey and the Time Lords, he is in danger of becoming just an eccentric, like the way Matt Smith portrays him, reading books about Quantum Mechanics and joking about cup-a-soup The scale of the flashback to The Last Day Of The Time War seemed all wrong and too showy – shot on a huge set, full of extras, and packed with lavish, blockbusting special effects, explosions, and slow motion shoot outs with daleks being blown to smithereens.

Given that Moffat has said he is loathe to writing episodes about the daleks because they have become too familiar, the way they were used was a waste.

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' and cramming in quirky references to 'spoilers', 'grunge' and cup-a-soup that were meant to be hilarious.

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A second pseudo-safe house a lot like this one, again not traceable to us. We've got our mission and suppliers Yogurt, gumballs, and desire And a pocketful of rubber bands With a manual on handstands Unicycle, compass And a camera that won't focus And a canteen full of soda Grab a beach towel, here we go!

The BBC commemorated it with The Day Of The Doctor, an episode that was 75 minutes long, transmitted simultaneously in 94 countries, screened in hundreds of cinemas across the UK in 3D, and featured several Doctors, including John Hurt as the War Doctor, the legendary Tom Baker and the return of David Tennant, as well as Billie Piper, the Daleks and 1970s vintage shape-shifting aliens, the Zygons. Depending on how you feel about the series or sci-fi generally, the plot Moffat came up with was fantastically audacious/ingenious/ridiculous, or possibly all three.

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Here, Piper turned up not as Tennant's beloved Rose but 'the Big Bad Wolf' and The Doctor's conscience - for reasons that I'm sure made perfect sense in Moffat's universe. For most of us, it just means Doctor Who is coming on.

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