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From the total population of the region, as the CSA report reveals, 85.7% live in rural areas while the rest, 14.3%, are urban dwellers.

Scarcity of natural resources is one and the major source of dispute.The jurisdiction of the former type is limited to the cases arising between two disputants of the same clan, while the latter governs when there is dispute between two persons of different clans.These types of CDR are eligible to all members, even though women and the members of the outcaste groups are allowed to take part only through representation.However, the CSA indicated that there are 3,439 860 [1,875,996 (54.5%) males and 1,563,864 (45.5%) females] people living in the region.This total figure includes 56,695 people who are included through estimation from areas not covered during census.

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In the case of individual disputes, often, it is solved by the elders even before the case comes to the knowledge of the formal institutions.

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