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Using Labfolder’s technology, the documentation of laboratory experiments and collaboration between different scientists becomes much less complicated, as the tool collects, manages, analyzes, and shares data.

Labfolder connects data, people, devices, and tools, which can be accessed via an easy-to-use platform on browsers and mobile devices.

Startups from the Accelerator in Darmstadt include Oculyze from Wildau, Germany, which has invented a hand-held microscope that enables scientists to access an easy image recognition service from anywhere in the world.

The hand-held microscope consists of an optical module, a smartphone, and an application that is connected to the server hosting the image analysis software.

The mission of PEMA Kenya is to champion the inclusion of Gender and Sexual Minorities (GSM) by providing space for advocacy, networking and capacity building of GSM and the general society with the needed tools and information.…

Read More 20 October 2017 Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania On Tuesday, 17 October 2017, a legal consultation convened by Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa (ISLA) and Community Health Services and Advocacy (CHESA) was raided by the Tanzanian Police.

Read More Since its discovery, the HIV virus has changed the global landscape.

The third one is Labfolder from Berlin, Germany, which is offering a research data management tool for scientific and research laboratories.

The other startup on the Nairobi Accelerator program is Coolfinity, which tackles the problem of keeping medicine cool in countries that are often face power outages.

Coolfinity developed the technology “Ice Volt” in order to ensure constant and uniform cooling.

Sophie Bot, which was part of the Nailab and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) i Accelerator last year addresses the lack of information on the delicate topic of sexual health and gives answers in real-time about any issues concerning sexual and reproductive health.

The bot can be integrated into multiple platforms including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter and the Android mobile app.

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