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The Igneri, a tribe from the region of the Orinoco river in northern South America, migrated to the island between 120 and 400 AD.The Arcaico and Igneri co-existed on the island between the 4th and 10th centuries, and perhaps clashed.Ramon Power y Giralt, the first Spanish parliamentary representative from the island of Puerto Rico, died after serving a three-year term in the Cortes.These parliamentary and constitutional reforms were in force from 1810 to 1814, and again from 1820 to 1823.The main island of Puerto Rico is, by land area the smallest of the Greater Antilles.It ranks third in population among that group of four islands, which include Cuba, Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti), and Jamaica.In 1809, to secure its political bond with the island and in the midst of the European Peninsular War, the Supreme Central Junta based in Cádiz recognized Puerto Rico as an overseas province of Spain.It gave the island residents the right to elect representatives to the recently convened Spanish parliament (Cádiz Cortes), with equal representation to mainland Iberian, Mediterranean (Balearic Islands) and Atlantic maritime Spanish provinces (Canary Islands).

Under Spanish rule, the island was colonized while the Taíno were forced into slavery and suffered high fatalities from epidemics of European infectious diseases. In 1948, it granted Puerto Ricans the right to elect their own governor. The island is also popularly known in Spanish as la isla del encanto, meaning "the island of enchantment".Due to its location, Puerto Rico enjoys a tropical climate and is subject to hot weather all-year-round.The national language is Spanish but English is recognized as an official language as well.They called it Boriken, meaning "the great land of the valiant and noble Lord." The natives lived in small villages, each led by a cacique.They subsisted by hunting and fishing, done generally by men, as well as by the women's gathering and processing of indigenous cassava root and fruit. Columbus named the island San Juan Bautista, in honor of the Catholic saint, John the Baptist.

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The island of Puerto Rico was left virtually unexplored, undeveloped, and (excepting coastal outposts) largely unsettled before the 19th century.

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