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Here's the official synopsis for season 8: "Last season, Rick Grimes and his group of survivors were confronted with their deadliest challenge yet.

With the comfort of Alexandria, they let their guard down, only to be reminded how brutal the world they live in can be."Feeling powerless under Negan's rules and demands, Rick advocated the group play along.

If the TV show follows this storyline, it means that by the end of episode one Negan will have retreated inside the Sanctuary.

Any scenes filming Negan and the Saviors' fight for survival from the walkers would happen on a closed-off set, as it would take place entirely indoors – which would easily explain why Morgan may not have been spotted on location.(Elizabeth Ludlow, who plays Negan's henchwoman Arat - Olivia's killer - has also been cast in the upcoming It sounds as though we'll definitely get to see different sides to Negan, with Gimple hinting at things getting "greyer and greyer" with more debate over who's the hero and who's the villain.

Here's how things play out in the original comics (Spoilers: you've been warned!! After a long and bloody battle, Rick finally gets the better of his nemesis at the conclusion of the story arc 'All Out War' – slashing Negan's throat.

He survives as Rick's prisoner, and we then leap two years forward, with civilisation at Alexandria and Hilltop rebuilt following the conflict.(Said time jump may or may not feature in the TV series - Gimple's being evasive on that point for now.)But there's another terrible threat lurking beyond Negan and the Saviours.

Digital Spy reached out to Hawkins's representation, but they're not commenting at this present time.You can go here for a more detailed breakdown of what Negan's tragic backstory entails...Speaking of pace, Gimple has promised that season 8 won't be anywhere near as sluggish as its predecessor."The turn of the story is really going to dictate the structure of the story and the speed of the story," he said.(When Alanna Masterson had a baby in November 2015, her character Tara had to be written out of the show for an extended period.)Handily, the show's already written in a potential explanation for Rosita's absence - with the character sustaining a gunshot wound in the season 7 finale.Last warning: beyond this point lie some *serious* spoilers from the opposite Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, there might also be a plot reason.

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