Fred savage and danica mckellar dating

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Probably one of Hollywood's biggest Acceptable Targets, the Former Child Star is just what it sounds like: a star of TV or film whose career was at its peak in their formative years.

The trio distinguished boundaries between Kevin’s in- and out-of-school girlfriends.

See photos: The Cast of ‘The Wonder Years’ Reunited to Take Selfies, Record DVD Extras When the topic came up, Mc Kellar threw a little shade towards those “other girlfriends,” like Becky Slater, who was portrayed by her real-life sister Crystal Mc Kellar, and the girl by the lake.

We saw little Winnie, so obviously Danica too, grown up on screen... A new video posted to NOVA’s Secret Life of Scientists has the answer, but it’s probably not what you’re expecting.

“When I was in the ninth grade, I remember studying geometry theorems and saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to have a theorem named after me?

“I had the opportunity to co-author a research paper,” she recalled. I discovered that I could be smart and capable and valuable for something that had nothing to do with Hollywood.” Danica went to university to try to forge a new kind of life, but at first she couldn’t escape The Wonder Years.

But Danica Mc Kellar, who played Winnie Cooper in US TV show The Wonder Years, has gone down a completely different route.But after 106 episodes as Kevin’s older brother, Wayne, he clearly didn’t.Also read: Fox Sued Over ‘Wonder Years’ Cable Bonuses The 26-DVD box set from Star Vista Entertainment and Time Line contains all 115 episodes of the coming-of-age sitcom.Sadly, a case of Truth in Television, as the troubled biographies of some real-life Former Child Stars will show.On the other hand, there are other child actors who grew up well, like Jodie Foster and Bill Mumy, because their parents took care to raise them up right under the circumstances. especially if they're treated as though they never did.

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